International Day of Happiness, #HappyDay, United Nations, Craig David Butler Seniors 2015

International Day of Happiness, #Happy, Craig David Butler Studios, Pharrell Williams

Go to to contribute your photos and video to the International Day of happiness.

#CDBSTUDIOSHAPPY, #HappyDay, #HappyPlanet
Here it is the video our 2015 Seniors have been waiting for.  Thank you so much for everyone that participated and we apologize to anyone who is not pictured due to various constraints including timing, location or circumstances outside our control.

And – Thank you Bonnie for taking care of everything you do!

Northville Senior Photos, Canton MI Senior Photos, Plymouth MI Senior Photos, Salem Mi Senior Photos.

Appearing: Amelia Albanelli, Paige Baal , Paige Bentley, Olivia Boisineau, Natalie Burford, Maria Cholak, Lauren Davidson, Erica Evangelista, Hayley Fangbones, Andrew Farsh, Olivia Gunther, Michael Hampo, Sara Henning, Madison Holloway, Hannah Holshouser, Julia Humenny,Frankie Jawor, Katie Kalass, Claire Kalina, Aliya Kahn, Marai Kobayashi, Christopher Koumariotis, Katie Kubitskey, Whitney McDonald, Kevin O’Connell, Chris Patsalis,Ayden Peters, Mark Peterson, Tiffany Pijor, MaryBeth Robert, Michelle Roth, Alyssa Schmidt, Samantha Sexton, Nirek Sharma, Alexia Spyrka, Melissa Swart, Carleigh Vela, Brendon White, Kate Zahn, Jacob Zimmer

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