Father of the Year – American Diabetes Association

I have been very blessed this year. I have had the opportunity to be working with the wonderful people over at the American Diabetes Association to film their Father of the Year Awards videos and to photograph the events in June.

Many of you know that one of my most enjoyable parts of our wedding coverage comes from the interaction and dynamics of family through the day. You never know what might happen but that bond between bride and mom or bride and dad, groom and mom and dad – to say the least it is beautiful. I don’t take on many commercial endeavors but this one struck me in a way that was similar to those dynamics that I love.

I have enjoyed the experience immensely and can’t wait to see the reactions at the banquets. While each family has been amazing there is an individual that touched me a little more deeply. This person seemed to laugh a little louder, be just a slight bit more passionate and loved to talk and connect. From the moment I arrived at the Agar home we talked. We talked Detroit athletics. We talked how great it is to be in D and be able to watch the tigers. Johnny’s family and support system is second to none and the accomplishments he had made actually has made me re-evaluate a few aspects of my life. When we had our children I thought thank God they are healthy – I remember counting all their fingers and toes. But in a way this family is more close. There is a bond that they have that is different. One you don’t see often in today’s world, one that isn’t based on sacrifice but that is based on willingness to go the extra mile.

You can see Johnny’s story here thanks to ESPN http://espn.go.com/video/clip?id=10072765

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