Number 900 / Happy 4th of July

MichiganWeddingPhotos-CDB1Wow – It is the 4th of July and no better way to ring in our 900th post in a celebration such as this.  900 posts,  7 years on this blog, and 15 years in all.

I have to admit we have seen so much and been apart of so many amazing weddings, photographed many incredible High School Seniors and bunch of portraits both people and pets. We have amassed so many awards more of which are based on our dedication to all the wonderful people that have placed their trust in us.

Photography is like many professions in that the more experience you have the more you are able to get it right, first time without hesitation and in the shortest, most efficient amount of time maximizing the experience of the people being photographed.  I also have to admit it has been so nice as of recent.  The last 6 couples that have come to talk about their weddings have noticed the difference with comments like “your photos are vibrant and just look right not like all that instagram washed out look you see everywhere.”

So HAPPY 4th of JULY and Here is looking forward to another 900 posts!

And a special thanks to our lovely model Veronica.

Henry-Ford-Fireworks-CraigDavidButler1014 Henry-Ford-Fireworks-CraigDavidButler1014

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