Meadow Brook Hall Wedding of Adrianne & Chris – Photos and Same Day Edit video March 24, 2018

Chris & Adrianne’s wedding was nothing less than amazing. Everything turned out perfectly and Adrianne’s Crepe gown – simply stunning.

Wedding Coordinator – Robin Wilson – Curtsy and Bow Events
Shout out to Robin for keeping everything on track – so great to work with.
Wedding Ceremony & Reception – Meadow Brook Hall, Rochester MI
Thank you for allowing us to be such an important part of your wedding.

Same Day Edit Video
Music provided by permission through
Song – Moments like this
Artist – The Afters

Brides wedding gown detail photos
Adrianne’s Wedding gown
Groom's tux details
Chris’s tux.
Wedding Makeup artist
Adrianne’s prep
brides wedding shoes - detail photo
Wedding Shows
groom detail photo - getting ready
Chris getting ready
wedding ring detail of the inscription
Wedding Ring inscription
wedding ring detail photo with macro lens.
Wedding ring macro photo.
groom portrait photo.
Groom portrait.
wedding bouquet photo.
Rose wedding bouquet.
Bride portrait - moody
Beautiful photo of Adrianne.
Wedding venue - Meadow Brook Hall photo
Photo of the Front of Meadow Brook Hall, Rochester MI
photo of bride with her bouquet.
Adrianne holding her bouquet.
Groom's daughters
Chris’s daughters seeing Adrianne for the first time.
Bride groom around door.
Card and note exchange are the door at Meadow Brook Hall.
bride and groom hold hands around the door.
Around the door.
mom's first look at groom
Chris’s mom seeing him for the first time outside Meadow Brook Hall.
beautiful photo of the bride.
Beautiful photo of Adrianne with moody light.
Photo of groom at conference table.
The man in charge.
Bride and father first look.
Adiranne’s father seeing her for the first time.
Welcome sign, wedding detail photo.
Wedding details at Meadow Brook Hall.
Bride Grandfather processional
Adrianne during the processional.


Wedding cake detail photo
Wedding Cake
Groom's reaction during the processional.
Chris’s reaction to Adrianne during the processional.
Chris & Adrianne exchange vows.
reaction photo of bride and groom during vows.
Reaction during the vows.
bride and groom recessional
I now pronounce you man and wife – Adrianne & Chris exit the ceremony
Bride & Groom creative photo at Meadow Brook Hall
Wedding photo in the Great Hall at Meadow Brook Hall
Bride and Groom portrait.
Formal photo of Chris & Adrianne
Bride & Groom Romantic Portrait
Using the conference room table.
Wedding reflection photo of Bride and Groom.
Finding what is not often seen.
Narrow aperture photo using the sun with Bride & Groom.
Catching the rays of the sun.
Best Man Toast at Meadow Brook Hall Wedding
Wedding toast.
detail photo of the wedding toasting flutes.
Wedding champagne flutes – detail photo.
father of the bride toast.
Bride’s father provides a toast.
wedding details of Mr & Mrs sign.
Reception details of the head table.
Back lit photo of bride and groom during their first dance.
Chris & Adrianne during their first dance.
Bride and Groom first dance with natural light.
Natural Light photo during the first dance.
intimate First dance photo.
Beautiful moment between Chris and Adrianne during their first dance.
wedding cake service.
The wedding cake is served
Sparkler exit of bride and groom
Sparkler exit at Meadow Brook Hall.
Sparkler Exit
Chris and Adrianne exit with Sparklers outisde of Meadow Brook hall.

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