Rebecca & Nathan, April 27, 2019 Renaissance Baronette Novi MI wedding day photos and reception video.

First wedding of the season and a great one to start with at one of my Favorite venues – The Renaissance Baronette located near Twelve Oaks Mall in Novi MI. Not only is this an awesome location for your wedding but has one of the best restaurants in the “Toasted Oak”.

Rebecca & Nathan, such a great day and open to a great photo experience. Rebecca looked amazing thanks to The Makeup Loft in Plymouth (Jalen & Amanda) along with her sister Gabrielle. Loved Nathan’s suite and cufflinks from Jos A. Banks. Flowers provided by the Flower Alley just down the street in Novi.

Wedding Prep – The Baronette, Novi MI
Wedding ceremony and reception The Baronette in Novi MI
Wedding Photos – Around Novi MI

Reception video as it played the night of (Thanks to Katie):
Music Provided by Permission through
Song – 1,2,3,4
Artist – Plain White T’s

Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1001Brides gown at the Renaissance Baronette in Novi MIShoe Photo at the Baronette in Novi MIGroom's Cufflinks and tie at the Baronette in NoviBaronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1005Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1006Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1007Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1008Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1009Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1010Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1011Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1012Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1013Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1014Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1015Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1016Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1017Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1018Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1019Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1020Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1021Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1022Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1023Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1024Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1025Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1026Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1027Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1028Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1029Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1030Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1031Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1032Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1033Baronette_Wedding_Photos_Novi_MI_CDBStudios1034

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