Why you will be happy with CDBStudios for your wedding.

With 20 years of professional photography and video experience not to mention the additional 10 I have in my prior career and another 10 as an amateur, I have learned and seen a lot of things. It’s no wonder that 95% of the people that actually come in to meet, talk with and view my work see the difference for themselves. As a result they end up booking their wedding with me. So it’s with the 5% I wonder why. I have asked so many of the couples that have used me what they have thought as to why someone would not book after seeing the difference and overwhelmingly the response is Price. This actually makes me think a little further – I am certainly not expensive based on quality photographers in the area but I am a little more based on the companies with several photographers that book as many weddings as they can. THE DIFFERENCE IS about creating the best individualized experience for my couples as apposed to a business plan that is more about generating revenue and profit.

So just recently I had a great couple come in. They seemed to love everything and even over heard the bride say “well we found our photographer”. About a week and a half later I received an email –


I wanted to reach out and inform you that **** and I have decided to use a different photography and videography service for our wedding.

We appreciate the time you took to meet with us and answer the questions that we had.


What is actually sad is that most of the time we end up seeing these couples at other weddings we are at and most of time we hear the stories – “Wow I so should have used you at my wedding” or after asking how their wedding was – “It was OK”. But then we hear the details from the people that used us – “they hated their photos”, “the photographer was rude”, “they didn’t get what they expected”, “the photographer lost their photos”, “they specifically asked for certain shots and didn’t get them”, “Can you believe they didn’t get one close up of the bride and groom”, “they didn’t get any photos of the bride and her mom”, “the photos were dark and blurry”, “They spent so much on photos alone and they were just ok”… and the list goes on.

I could go on about how we are different and how the experience I provide will ensure your wedding day is effortless and amazing. From knowing what to do in any given situation with lighting to working with all sorts of personalities experience has taught me how to make the best of it. I am also able to see the scene prior to taking the photo. This way I am able to avoid distractive items such as candles or antlers on the fire extinguisher behind the subject and not end up in the final photo by avoiding it in the first place. Next, I have thought through every aspect of the wedding, from the equipment we use to how I interact to get the best reactions and allow people to feel relaxed and comfortable resulting in photos that don’t look force or awkward. It all adds up to you looking back on your wedding and having only the best thoughts. Once you realize the difference we provide you will been happy to learn about my fast turn around time, the quality of the images and the number of great photos you will see.

This is why the couples I work with give such wonderful, lengthly reviews (https://www.theknot.com/marketplace/craig-david-butler-studios-inc-plymouth-mi-242759).

Ok off the soap box.


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