2017 Northville High School Swim & Dive – Hype Video

This past year I had the opportunity to capture Northvile High School’s girls swim & dive team for a personal documentary project. I was able to follow the time through many practices, meets and ultimately accomplishing 1st at Conference for the second year in a row. Here is a teaser to the upcoming documentary.

Music Used by Permission through Songfreedom.com
Artist- Imagine Dragons
Song – Whatever it takes

If you are having trouble with the link above use the youtube option. The vimeo playback is much better quality.

Northville Michigan – Photos – Landscape Photography – FujiFilm X-Pro1

I had some time recently to bring out the X-Pro1 with the 18mm Lens. I wanted to capture a few landscape images near the studio in beautiful Downtown Northville.  I absolutely love the wide dynamic range of 400. With the highlight and shadow detail set to negative 2 the detail you can achieve is amazing.Northville Michigan Landscape Photos, Craig David Butler Studios Northvile

Northville Michigan Landscape Photos, Craig David Butler Studios Northvile

Northville Michigan Landscape Photos, Craig David Butler Studios Northvile

Northville Michigan Landscape Photos, Craig David Butler Studios Northvile

Northville Michigan Landscape Photos, Craig David Butler Studios Northvile

High School Senior Contest Results – Coming Soon

I just wanted to let everyone know that the contest is closed. Those that had voted will be receiving an email from me shortly.

You may still leave comments but they will not be counted from midnight forward. It was a close race between 2 photos. I am verifying the email and names now and should have something later this evening.

Once the winner is announced I will be posting the Wedding selections. It was a very difficult decision on selecting the images so like the Senior Images we had someone other than Bonnie and myself pick the photos.

Thanks again everyone!

Amazingly beautiful, timeless images.

Every year there are new trends in photography. Throughout the ages there have always been those trends that never last and few that do.  In the late sixties there was Color.  I remember my father resisting the trend to shoot color.  Once he jumped in the 70’s he pushed the limits of creativity.  If you have ever seen wedding albums from that era you noticed a very cheesy trend of double exposure images.  Couple in the champagne glass, looking down on the ceremony photo to name a few.  At the time if the photographer did them they were the money shots.

The trends were very subtle until onslaught of the digital age. In the 90’s we saw very over the top album layouts with tilted images and who still does oval images, big key lines and those drop shadows. Then we moved into the so 2002 spot or touch of color in the flowers which in many instances was so shocking it to became all the rage.

Now what is old is new again.  Nostalgic looking images or the aged effect in a whole slew of color tones emulating various film stocks from years gone by along with grunge overlays have become the new rage. We have even been asked to shot photo and video for an entire wedding with that nostalgic look.

There is also a new trend to over saturate and make skin so soft the person looks more graphic as in an illustration rather than a photograph. This trend is so popular in high school senior photography.  This trend while aesthetically appealing will not, like all the other trends, stand the test of time.

All these effects are new at the time but as time proves out the trends will come and go and by having so many of these images will make the wedding album so 2010.  Sounds funny but in 10 years it will be so true.

So why do we lean towards the beautiful, classic, edgy and create images that are very unique to the couple, the day, the emotion the reactions?  Those are the images that will prove the test of time and provide an accurate reflection of those immortalized moments to your children and grandchildren.

Beautiful. Classic. Unique.


Every wedding like it was our last!

Have you heard the song – “Live like you are dying” by Kris Allen?
If you go back through the blog you will find a certain 11/21/2009 wedding in which we did a Same Day Edit to it. I began to think about how we approach weddings. To understand what we do and why so many people are thrilled about their images is really in the way we capture it, have fun and really as if it were our last. We are in this business because we are passionate about capturing amazing images. It is what drives us. It was no more true on November 28th 2009 which was the last wedding of our year in 2009. We are now in a bit of a break (actually catch up time). On that day, the wedding of Jenna and Andrew was somehow different for me. I actually had the mind set that I was going to capture it like it was our last. To my amazement we rocked or as many would say today it was just “sick”. We turned out so many great images throughout the entire day and really I was so looking forward to the Same Day Edit we were going to attempt that evening. I had done a lot more preparation to make it much easier to complete. Well, time was not on my side. When the band said they had to go Bonnie looked at me and asked are you done to which I replied “no I have about 10 more minutes”. The band said they could not wait. As luck would have it the Band got caught up in a conversation about something important to them allowing us enough time to get it up and rolling. I was disappointed that I could only include the video portions from the day and actually apologized to Jenna and Andrew. Their reaction floored me. They thought I was kidding and as it turned out Jenna & Andrew’s SDE became the most watched and complimented video we had ever posted 2009.

So yes, in 2010 we will be shooting every wedding, portrait and senior session as if it were our last. If for no other reason than the rewards it brings surpass our every expectation.

Thanks for reading,


Happy New Year!

A New Year! What does it mean to us or better yet to you?
We see it as a new opportunity to create, to push the limits of our abilities and to continue our tradition of offering one of the most incredible wedding and photographic experiences available today. Bonnie and I are so excited to continue this journey and we have a lot in store. So stay tuned it is going to be an incredible journey!

Happy New Year!
Craig & Bonnie

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