Rochester Michigan Wedding Photography – Elizabeth & Blake

Great time, wonderful weather and amazing photos:

Ceremony: St. Andrews Catholic Church Rochester, Michigan
Reception: Boulder Pointe, Oxford Michigan

The first Movie below is just the Same Day Edit (scenes we captured from yesterday) and the bottom one is the entire thing we presented including kids photos, esession, vows and the SDE.




Thank you so much. It’s like being there all over again. What Great Photography, Joan Gregart

There are people who photograph and then there is us…

The title is not intended to be out there or over the top, it’s somewhat of an observation and a culmination of feedback we have received – and somewhat of a lightbulb moment –

So I went to Solid Grounds this morning in Downtown Northville. While I was driving through town I noticed that the new book store was open with seating outside, and it seemed busy. While at Solid Grounds I met Mike who is Teresa’s husband (the proprietor). I asked him if he had noticed a change in business since the book store opened. He said if there has been a change it has been negligible. He continued, our customers count on a consistent cup of coffee and a good experience (lightbulb).

Bonnie and I have mulled over our approach to our business since the very beginning ( 10 years ago ) Do we hire a bunch of shooters or do we continue with our personalized service, consistent photographs and provide an unparalleled experience. Then rewind to last night, it was never more evident that the path we have chosen is the right one – being personally involved. Blake’s mom Nancy was watching the Same Day Edit when I entered the side room where it was looping (a very different approach to presenting the SDE – not as good as the DJ music overpowered any sound we had coming from the system we set up). She had been watching the Same Day Edit and as I entered her eyes lit up and she immediately approached me, “You really are good, that is the most amazing thing, Thank you”, She said. Actually everyone that saw it after that offered like remarks and of course Elizabeth’s father’s Speech / toast where he referenced how enjoyable we were to work with – yes in his speech. It was such a wonderful experience and something we set out to achieve every time we go out.

So being in this industry we have seen good and a whole lot of bad what I know is when it is time for our own daughter’s wedding, the people that we use will have to be passionate and enjoy what they do – it makes a world of difference.

Thanks for reading, Craig

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