Melinda & Doug – 5/31/2008

Wedding – Photography

We had been looking forward to Melinda and Doug’s wedding since their Engagement Photos (ephoto) a few months earlier.  They were married at The Inn at St. John’s, in Plymouth Michigan.

Their Day began at L’esprit Salon in Plymouth.  We caught up with Doug and Melinda at The Inn at St. John’swhere they had an incredible ceremony.  I know many of you ask about seeing each other before the ceremony; they decided to wait to see each other for the first time during the ceremony. We did have time in between the ceremony and reception so we had enough time for photos.  

Wedding Dress

Flower Girls Dresses

Wedding Photography - Doug prior to ceremony

Doug Prior to the Ceremony

Wedding Photography - Melinda prior to ceremony 

Melinda Prior to Ceremony – St. John’s Chapel Balcony (one of our trademark photos).


Wedding Photography - Chapel photo The Inn at St. John's, Plymouth MIchigan

Photo of the Chapel during the Ceremony


Wedding Photography - St. John's Gardens Plymouth Michigan

The Gardens at the Inn at St. John’s – Plymouth Michigan

Following the Ceremony we headed to Hines Park for a few photos then off to Laurel Manor in Plymouth, Michigan for the Reception.

Wedding Photography - Laurel Manor, Plymouth Michigan

Doug and Melinda and Entire Reception hall following dinner


Wedding Photography - Laurel Manor First Dance Doug Melinda

Doug and Melinda during their first dance.

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