Positive – The little things make all the difference!

Thanks Katie (my oldest daughter). On Sunday Katie was studying and I was working out. After I finished I mentioned I wanted to go to Twelve Oaks Mall and just look around. Katie said she wanted to go as well (taking a break from studying for her two tests on Monday). I had a great time and kept thinking about why that was over the last few days, did I enjoy her company so much? I realized it is who Katie is. Like before we left (I don’t sing in public) I started to sing a song and stopping at a point Bam there Katie is to pick it up where I left off (obviously much better as Katie has an amazing voice). Then we were at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore at 6 and Haggerty and I started messing around again, and Katie was there to mess around right back at me in a way that was enjoyable and positive. So I kept thinking back on what a wonderful a day it was, there was no criticism or no OMG I am so embarrassed being with my dad.

So I am trying to make the same positive influence.

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