Thank you!

First I would like to thank everyone that has put their trust in us with your families memories.

And Wow, the other day I was at a rehearsal for Tommaso and Rachel and it really hit me.  Not only do we have this responsibility obviously to capture amazing images but for a short time we have the opportunity to kindle a wonderful friendship. While we feel very close to every family and wedding we capture it was never more evident than the other day when Rachel’s mom greeted me at the back of the church with a huge hug and said I am telling everyone about you guys.  Then I entered the church and Rachel with similar response and Mas with a handshake, said you were right on every shot (talking about the engagement photos).

So I sat down and instead of listening to the coordinators I guess I reflected on what all this means to the lives we touch and how wonderful it is to create, unique and beautiful images under such tense circumstances and often unfavorable timing.  As I thought further, I actually felt a little down, almost like a father the day before his daughter’s wedding.  Not to be so sentimental but in the sense that we are here for a short while and while this totally awesome couple will be married and move on to the next stage of life nothing can replace this incredible day (wedding) and those moments that will be preserved for ever.

As I got ready to leave and received more hugs (totally cool) I thought it is actually so wonderful as we will be able to capture not only the wedding but each stage of their lives and watch their family grow as we have done for so many of you through the years.

So thank you to everyone that has supported us and allowed us to be there with you.  And Rachel & Tommaso we are looking forward to an amazing day!

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