The Meaning of Wedding Photography – If only for a moment


If only for a moment

Iconic moments are based on the people and the meanings of what is or could be. They can also define a representation of what was. A look, a feeling, a moment that sometimes feels much larger than we had expected. Some of these moments are for those that have passed. They are often moments we didn’t realize the brevity of until years or decades later. Its in these moments we find who we are.


Its for these moments we should find our happiness with the ones we love, in these magnificent moments. You see, no one can prepare us for the first time you hold your child and you realize you hold in your arms this life and the magnitude of what that will mean to you in the years to come.

Farmington Wedding Pictures, Craig David Butler Studios Plymouth Michigan

No one can prepare us for the trials and tribulations you will find in each of your moments along the way. As I gaze upon the photos that grace our walls I realize I am where I am supposed to be and with every wonderful moment, both good and not so good, we are who we are and we have this one opportunity to touch the lives of the people who make up our moments.


In these moments, these embraces, these looks, we often wish we could live within forever and hold on to the people that are nearest to us. Though time is unforgiving. It moves on regardless of every effort we try to slow it down.


I feel so fortunate that we can come into a family’s life for this one day and be apart of and create some of their greatest moments. If nothing else, these moments, these images, give us and our friends and family something we can hold on to.

To remember,

the look, the laughter, the feeling, and the meaning of who we are,

if only for a moment.

Detroit-Wedding picture es, Craig David Butler

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