UPDATE 2/28/2019 – Notice: Our video hosting website is having issues. I am working to get this resolved.

2/28/2019 – Wow is all I can say at this point. I contact Songfreedom.com and they say I need to contact Vimeo. I contact vimeo and provide all the license certificates and they say its out of their control and that I need to formally provide rebuttal – and the saga continues.

1/5/2019 – Well its been almost 3 months now and nothing. I have switched to Youtube and will continue in that direction, hopefully they have more sense than VIMEO. What I think is funny is all the information has been provided what else is needed?

To all the amazing couples we have photographed, Followers and friends – I wanted to let everyone know what is going on with our videos since our hosting website has been down for about a week now. #VIMEO #SONGFREEDOM.COM #FYRFLY.com #DMCA or #Digital Millennium Copyright Act (for those of you that did not know what the accronym was) are the main components to my issue. We have been blatantly targeted for using copyrighted music that we had PROPERLY LICENSED through Songfreedom.com. As many of you know I am adamant about only using music that is properly licensed for use in your videos. In fact most is not all my videos contain the licensing credit slide and credits in the description to make sure anyone or any organization researching would be able to find that informaiton before making any copyright allegations. This informaiton is always placed on my blog ON EVERY VIDEO containing such music right next to the video containing it.

For some reason we had been targeted.
Why, I do not know, was it just a search for certain songs, was it a competitor, was it actually the music publisher – based on the act we will not know. I understand the use of this Act but I don’t understand why Artists that have provided their music for licensing such as one in question – #ImagineDragons, for the song #Whateverittakes had issued a take down.

The universe has a funny way of aligning and making things right. I try to find the positive and as opportunity for growth in any situation. And for this reason I am working with Vimeo and Songfreedom to get this rectified, more to clear my name and to move on.

Anyone that has made it thus far thank you – If you have ever been an innocent victim you know what I am going through. If you are a married couple we had provided video services for and are interested in having your videos available, please let me know and I will give you the download link through a private website.

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