Hi Everyone, we have learned of a disturbing trend in the Photography industry from a few recent couples One of our brides confirmed it and following a little research online we were surprised by what we found.  

The photography industry has several huge shows, conventions, seminars and many local seminars by nationally and internationally recognized professional photographers who are at the top of their industry. They will typically put on a seminar and provide real life situations showing how to capture amazing images. Many new photographers wanting to learn will bring cameras and snap a few images during these seminars.  In desparation to book weddings these new photographers, even though they are instructed not to, show the images captured at these seminar as their own images to potential couples. The couples are typically blown away and especially at that entry level pricing the new photographer is offering and book only to sadly realize after the wedding the images look nothing like what they were shown.

What to do – a clear indication of this is Las Vegas or Desert setting with beautiful lighting – the easiest way is to ask who the bride is and where it was taken. If they say Las Vegas (location of many of the conventions and seminars) or they don’t know the name of the bride or stumble you know something is up.

The other situation is where photographers hire models and setup controlled photo sessions with studio lighting with idea conditions and end up with very beautiful images from models who already know how to pose. – Ask questions like are these real brides on the day of their wedding?

Everything you see from us on our website, in our albums, and in the videos are actual brides on the day of their wedding taken by us and is really what you can expect in your wedding photography.

Thanks for reading and good luck.


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  1. It always helps to look over all the pictures a photographer shows and if there are only a few of a great looking bride and none of the ceremony or reception, you may be taken for a ride by a model.

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